Company teambuildings by Pod klobúkom

Does your team need improvement in performance and cooperation? Is communication within your team a challenge? Or are you simply looking for a way to celebrate team’s success? Relaxed, informal environment and interesting mix of activities during company’s teambuilding is very often the right recipe to your challenges.

During our teambuildings we focus on combining verified and innovative types of activities. We ensure that appropriate mix of fun and development is applied and team spirit is strengthened. Our ultimate goal is that all participants leave the team-building satisfied, full of impressions, feeling energized and motivated.

Our teambuildings are always tailor-made to your needs. Design and planning process is done in cooperation with your internal team. Understanding your needs, expectations, team’s structure, as well as your company’s culture is essential to enable successful team-building. During teambuilding design we go through the following steps:

  • Analyze team’s needs and set teambuilding targets

Firstly we focus on understanding your needs and goals of teambuilding event. It is very important that we are able to collect answers to the following questions: What do we want to achieve during teambuilding event? What is the key focus? What is the purpose of your teambuilding? Are you expecting fun and entertainment or are there specific development needs you would like to focus on?

  • Analyze structure of teambuilding participants

Team structure has a major impact on structure, difficulty, variety and focus of teambuilding activities. We need to understand team’s age structure, gender ratio, types of positions taking part in the event, etc.

  • Choose environment, timing and duration of event

Is the event going to be indoors or outdoors? In which season will teambuilding take place? Are you interested in short program, or all-day event?

  • Design script and select appropriate activities and Plan equipment and logistics

Based on the inputs collected during the previous phases of design we will prepare the event’s script, propose activities tailored to your needs and plan necessary equipment and logistics.

Your satisfaction is a key priority to us. We will actively collect your feedback during design, preparation, as well as during the event and adapt the approach based on your inputs.

Aligning expectations and satisfaction of both management and employees is one of key factors of team-building’s success. We believe that teambuilding activities need to be entertaining and interesting above all. During design, we always to ensure that development needs are thoroughly covered, but don’t over-shadow the fun part of teambuilding.

We are looking forward to discussing you teambuilding needs.