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Pod klobúkom, s.r.o. was established in the beginning of 2018. We design and organize cipher (puzzle-hunt) games, tailor-made teambuilding events for companies as well as family adventures.

Cipher (puzzle-hunt) game is an intelligent form of entertainment for wide spectrum of customers. Each of our games is built with focus on multiple elements:

  • Fun and a bit of thrill – variety and thoughtfulness of our ciphers in combination with a story in the background.
  • Exercise – we mainly focus on outdoor city games, which will lead you through interesting parts of the wider city center.
  • Tourism and discovering of cities – tasks and ciphers are linked to tourist attractions and history of the city.
  • Teamwork and development – difficulty of ciphers is set to be challenging, but achievable for most players. Team cooperation while searching for the right solution brings a lot of interaction and unforgettable experiences.
  • Competition – in selected games we offer a competition mode for multiple teams simultaneously. You can compare your result to “top scores” in all of our games.

Our Team-buildings are tailored to your needs.  Program is designed in close cooperation with representatives of your company, to make sure the event is focused both on entertainment and team development. A wide range of activities is connected by a topic / story concluded by a common product or unforgettable experience. Task difficulty is set based on structure of participants and your development needs. We offer innovative approach to team-building design through non-traditional activities synergizing entertainment, employee development and strengthening of team-spirit. Our ultimate goal is that you leave the event feeling energized and motivated.

Family Adventures. We are fathers ourselves and every year we prepare a week full of adventures, stories and discoveries for our children. Our group has quadrupled over the last six years. And the programs are becoming more sophisticated – including our own anthem, creative workshops, stories and ciphers for children. If you don’t have the time or strength to come up with and organize your own adventure program for children, we offer you our ideas and experience. We will prepare and organize the program for you and you can simply relax and enjoy the unique adventure with your children.

Our Company was set up based on previous experience with designing and organizing cipher games for friends. Puzzle-hunts for friends, as well as adventure games for children have become a standard part of our meetings and celebrations.  Enthusiasm and positive feedback of our friends have inspired us to offer our services professionally. 

We are looking forward to meeting you during one of our games or teambuildings.

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