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Pod klobúkom

City Games

Puzzle-hunt games

Are you looking for an interesting challenge? Do you want to compete with your friends? Enter to see our current game portfolio.
Company team-building

Company Team-buildings

Team reward / bonding / development of key team skills. Find out more about our approach to tailor-made team-buildings design.

Innovative entertainment with friends and family

Spend quality time with frieds / family in a non-traditional way. Enjoy our city games packed with excitement.

Competition - mode games

Challenge your frieds or compare your performance to the Top Scores of other teams.

Team reward

Celebrate your team’s success during activities focused both on entertainment and development.

Game experience

Become part of the game’s story and uncover hidden secrets.

City tour

Our games will lead you through the wider city center. Interesting tourist attractions are part of the trail and often linked to cyphers you solve.

Get to know your team better

During tailor-made team-building event we’ll help you identify strengths and areas for further development.

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