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Family Adventures

Family Adventures

Who is the program for?

For parents with children who seek adventure. For children with parents who don’t have time / skills to design and organize an adventure program. For families who want to spend quality time together and gain a unique experience.

How can I order the program?

If you’re a group of families, we can prepare and organize the program tailored to a place (cottage) of your choice. Call us to discuss details.
We also organize summer Family Camps, where individual families can sign-up. Dates for the upcoming summer including all details will be communicated on our facebook page:

What does the program include?

Story – all programs are thematic – activities are directly linked to the story. For authenticity, we present the story in person (characters in costumes) or use audio records.
Creative workshops (theme based). E.g.: making of swords / shields / tomahawks / bracelets or necklaces, painting the indian totem post, pottery / tinker workshops.
Physical activities (theme based). E.g.: inflatable horse racing, archery, hurdle field/maze, giant sling shot, forest puzzle-hunt (at night), light trekking, sport tournaments.
Ciphers for children – tasks that will teach the kids how to read secret messages, how to uncover invisible writing, how to track encrypted traces, or search for a hidden treasure. The children will also practice basic mathematics and logical thinking.
Besides loads of unique experiences, you will also receive: thematic T-shirt, self-made products form workshops (theme based), contents of the treasure / reward for children.

Puzzler and the ancient Egypt

Pod klobúkom - Rébusko v starovekom Egypte

A powerful seal has been broken and a dreaded mummy begins to gain strength. Help The Puzzler summon the spirit of the legendary embalmer, who will help you unravel the mystery of an ancient Egyptian script. Together we will build a pyramid and with the help of a powerful spell put the mummy back to eternal rest.

Suitable for: Families with children aged 6 - 13

Program duration: 1 - 4 days

Experiences: making egyptian masks, transporting pyramid building blocks, meeting with the funny embalmer spirit, decrypting hieroglyphs, defeating the dreaded mummy...

Puzzler and the school of magic

Rébusko v krajine kúziel

Accept our invitation to the school of witchcraft and wizardry. Learn how to use magic wands and mix potions. Use your newly acquired magical powers to gain the “hoops of time” and liberate the spirit of one of the greatest wizards of all time. Spend the most magical time with your children.

Suitable for: Families with children aged 6 - 13

Program duration: 1 - 4 days

Experiences: talking hat, giant spell book, making of wands, mixing potions, meeting with the 'holiday spirit'...

The tribe of "Puzzlers"

Indiánsky kmeň Rébuskov

The map to a legendary treasure of the Puzzler tribe was divided and its pieces remain hidden. Put your tracking and hunting skills to the test and find the pieces of the map. Uncover the hidden treasure and renew the lost fame and glory of the tribe. An adventure that your children will not forget.

Suitable for: Families with children aged 6 - 13

Program duration: 1 - 4 days

Experiences: archery, tracking, making of tomahawks, treasure hunt...

Puzzler's knight tournament

Rébusko a rytiersky turnaj

King Puzzler provided you with an opportunity to gain knight’s titles. But first you need to earn 100 coins to be able to sign-up for a tournament where you can prove you are worthy. An adventure with medieval atmosphere full of creative workshops and knight contests.

Suitable for: Families with children aged 4 - 13

Program duration: 1 - 4 days

Experiences: catapult shooting, tinkery workshop, knight tournament...

Puzzler and the Land of numbers

Rébusko v krajine čísel

A dragon called Derivative stole Puzzler’s favorite pair of compasses. Make your own armor and get ready for an adventure quest to recover the pair of compasses. Your journey through the Land of numbers will be full of challenges and riddles. Practice maths basics in a playful way.

Suitable for: Families with children aged 6 - 10

Program duration: 1 - 3 days

Experiences: making of swords and shields, puzzle hunt through the Land of numbers, giant sling shot...

Puzzler and the lost key

Rébusko a stratený kľúč

A thief named Crook took Puzzler’s key to his treasure chest. Help Puzzler to track the thief and discover where the key was hidden. Your effort will be rewarded. An adventure suitable also for smaller children.

Suitable for: Families with children aged 4 - 8

Program duration: 1 - 2 dni

Experiences: forest puzzle-hunt, ciphers for children, treasure chest discovery...

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