Puzzle-hunt games by Pod klobúkom

Basic game’s principles
Your goal is to go through a pre-defined trail in the city, where you’ll find multiple checkpoints. Each checkpoint includes a task or a cipher that needs to be solved. The right solution provides a password which will unlock instructions where to look for the next checkpoint. Each game includes an interesting story, which uncovers, as you progress.

Are you after a relaxing walk or attempt to break the game’s record? It’s up to you.
Feel free to enjoy the game in your own pace, exploring the city and visiting all interesting places. Take a break and enjoy a meal or a drink. When you’re refreshed, the next cipher is ready for you to crack it.

Do you like challenge? We offer multiple ways of enjoying a competition mode of the game. You can compete against the best results in our record table, or challenge your friends to play a simultaneous game against your team. We allow up to 3 teams to play at the same time. You will not influence each other during the game – each team will start from a different point and will tackle the tasks in a different order.

Would you like to play a competition mode game, but your group is not big enough to form multiple teams? We have a solution for you as well – when booking your game, please select “Competition mode” in the dropdown menu. The booking calendar will show all dates where other teams are looking for a competitor (these dates are marked green). Feel free to join one of them, or select your own date. Your date will then be offered to other teams who are booking a competition mode game.

Game environment
To play our city game, you’ll need at least one smartphone with internet connection. Our web application will lead you through the whole game and provide you with all information. This includes tasks / ciphers navigation to all checkpoints as well as the storyline. Information is provided to you via text, pictures, videos or audio files. Game application is placed on our website – there is no need for you to install anything into your smartphone. Login details will be provided to you via email, after your city game booking has been processed.

After you solve a task or a cipher, enter the password into the game application. The app will provide instructions how to get to the next checkpoint.  Password is always one meaningful word. The system accepts all password case insensitive.

Your game’s success
For every solved task / cipher your team receives points (they may differ checkpoint to checkpoint based on task’s difficulty). We also measure time in which you manage to complete the city game. The points are primary measurement of your success. If multiple teams achieve the same amount of points, the faster team wins.

Help / support during the game
If you’re having trouble with solving one of our ciphers, you can request help directly in the game application. (by pressing “I need help” button). In case you don’t manage to find the right password even with provided help, you can request the whole solution and focus on the following task. Please be aware that by requesting help / solution you’ll lose part / all points for this checkpoint. The system will always inform you how many points are at stake before you confirm your request for help / solution.

Game difficulty
Our city games are designed for adults, but university or high-school students should also be able to enjoy them. Younger players should only play in teams with adults. No specialized knowledge or skill is needed to be able to successfully complete our games. The ciphers, however, do require logic, a bit of analytical thinking, creativity, communication, team cooperation and basic smartphone skills. Difficulty of each city game is clearly marked on our website on a scale 1 to 5 (1 = easy, 5 = very difficult).

Preparation before the game
Make sure you read all instructions provided both on our website and in the emails we send you after booking your game. They include information such as: game’s terrain, length of trail, typical duration, etc.

We also recommend that you read the story and watch all videos related to your game. They will set the stage and create the right atmosphere for you to be able to fully enjoy the experience.

Basic equipment you’ll need for all of our games:

  • at least one fully charged smartphone with internet connection (multiple devices per team are supported and recommended)
  • a pen and a block of paper
  • refreshments – based on your needs
  • comfortable shoes and clothing – based on weather conditions
  • if any other special equipment is needed, we always provide detailed information directly on game’s page on our website

Re-scheduling your game
In case you’re not able to play your game in scheduled time, please use your login details to our game application (delivered to you by email) and re-schedule your game. This option is available under “Settings” – button “Re-schedule my game”.

Our games are accessible in any weather conditions. However, if you don’t feel comfortable playing in rainy / cold weather, we understand and offer that you re-schedule your game (as described above).

 Safety first!
All checkpoints, tasks and ciphers are placed in accessible places. There is no need to enter closed / private property, climb up to higher locations or expose yourselves to any danger. City games take place in wider city center and there is no way to completely avoid traffic. Please be careful and make sure your team is safe in the first place.

Share your impressions, but please don’t spoil the experience for others
We will be very happy if you share your team pictures and experiences with your friends or on our facebook / instagram profile. Please be careful not to give away details or solutions to any of our tasks / ciphers. This would spoil the experience for other teams.

Final advice
Use your smartphone, feel free to use search engines to look for information, if needed (in some cases this may help you find the right solution).

Make sure your smartphones are fully charged before the game.

Communicate a lot, don’t be shy to share your thoughts and ideas – your thought process may just be the key to solving the cipher.

Please start your game on time to make sure you’re not colliding with other teams on your trail – they may accidentally give away hints / locations and spoil your experience.

 Did you have fun? Your opinions and feedback is very important to us
We very much appreciate and actively work with any feedback you may give us. After finishing your game, we will ask you for a short feedback – directly in game application. Please spend a few minutes and share your thoughts with us.

We wish you a lot of fun – enjoy the game!

Best regards,

Team Pod klobúkom