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Microscoped - online puzzle-hunt

The lights in the building go out and the last member of the cleaning service leaves the premises. You’ve been tracking the company Animexit for a few days now. Always the same scenario – there’s no one here after 10pm. Today you finally decided to go in. As you walk to the building, you reflect all the circumstances that got you here: an anonymous letter under the door of the editorial office, quarantine in a mysterious house, thoroughly encrypted messages that led you to an envelope with a letter and an entrance card to the company you are approaching right now. Is Animexit really just a cover-up for an organization developing biological weapons? Investigations like this one make journalism more than just a job for you. The next chapter of your adventure begins.

Conquer the most difficult of our online puzzle-hunts. 10 diverse and creative ciphers are ready to tease your brains. You don’t need to sit together with your friends / colleagues in one room. Our web application supports multiple devices, so all team members can see the game environment simultaneously.
This game is definitely not a piece of cake. Do you dare to take a bite? 😉

This game is the conclusion to our “BIOHAZARD” trilogy.
The first two parts of the story can be found in these games: The story begins and Quarantine

Game details:

Online game - play anywhere you are

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

10 diverse ciphers

Game difficulty: 9/10

Team of 2-5 members (recommended age 15+)

great as an interior teambuilding activity

Price: 25 € / team

After purchasing the game, you will receive an email with login credentials to our game application. The app will guide you through the entire puzzle-hunt. Enjoy the game.

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Top scores:

# Team: Score: Time:
1. escapet 102 01:25:26
2. escapet 102 01:25:26
3. escapet 102 01:25:26
4. Dijumajaja 102 02:03:11
5. OkBaMrFiKo 102 02:04:53
6. LMJ 102 03:40:38
7. hrochy 97 01:10:19
8. DAL + 3 team 97 02:10:09
9. Siluety 97 03:05:24
10. 4ka 92 01:57:00
11. Sky Escape Scouts 92 02:39:24
12. Sky Escape Scouts 92 02:39:24
13. (Na mene nezáleží) 92 02:52:48
14. Spongebob a Patrik 92 03:32:59
15. I'm Good With Whatever (REA) 87 01:32:30
16. Deadlocked & Soutars 87 01:40:22
17. Deadlocked & Soutars 87 01:40:22
18. onyx slam 87 02:33:38
19. Vrakunski diabli 87 03:42:35
20. Zakviky 87 43:15:55

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