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Treasure hunt

treasure hunt

Teambuilding Pod klobúkom

… we arrive at the next checkpoint with high expectations. Wow, this looks interesting… but what should we do? We explore the puzzle from every angle. The clock is ticking. First ideas interrupt the moment of silence. We complement each other’s thoughts.  Yes, this could work. We enter the password. Goosebumps. Bingo, it is correct! The whole team celebrates. Feeling proud, we head for the treasure… 

Would you like to experience such emotions during your teambuilding? Our treasure hunt is a smart form of teambuilding based on original puzzles and ciphers aimed at development of your team’s communication and collaboration skills. Our ciphers are not easy, but definitely solvable when skillsets of team members are combined. You can expect a few “aha” moments and team cheers when breaking a cipher. We like to enrich our treasure hunts by adding a few easy physical activities. Which of your teams will be the first to collect all clues and discover the hidden treasure?

Outdoor or Indoor

English, Slovak or Czech language

recommended number of participants: 10 - 150

recommended duration: 2 - 4 hours

also available as online teambuilding

tailor-made to your company and location

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